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It's Your Time to Shine

Natural health solutions for women to help you live radiantly.


✴︎Holistic Nutrition  ✴︎Herbal Medicine 

✴︎Cycle-Syncing ✴︎Health Coaching

✴︎Organ System Regulation

You're tired of quick fixes like books, apps and diet plans that promise the moon, but deliver little.

You're frustrated by mixed messages from “experts” who leave you with more questions than answers.

You're worn out, caught between the life you’ve dreamed of and the discomfort, pain, or low energy you’re now navigating.

You're ready for transformation - a real lasting change.

You know that true health doesn’t come in the form of a pill or

medical procedure.

Sunset in the Forest

Step off the hamster wheel...

And into the Shinigng Light Wellness
Where Every Part of You is Nourished

Sugandhi Jordan

Your Radiance

Health Coach & Registered Acupuncturist in good standing with the with the CCHP of BC

Yoga & Meditation practitioner for more than 20 years

Faculty member at Pacific Rim College, Victoria

Respected Practitioner with experience working in four countries & a variety of people of all backgrounds and ages

Forest Path

"I've helped hundreds of women just like you to balance their hormones, have better periods, reduce their prescription meds and even get pregnant."

Sugandhi Jordan Acupuncture _edited.jpg

What People are Saying

"Sugandhi is a true healer. She has helped me immensely - I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. Sugandhi helped clear my acne and balance my skin, she helped regulate my periods and helped me get pregnant. Sugandhi is helping my body reach optimal health, and most importantly she is helping me to understand, respect and love my body and myself. Not only is she talented but she is such a warm, kind, thoughtful, lovely, knowledgeable and professional individual. I highly recommend seeing her if you are looking to improve your health and wellness in any way!"

— Vanessa


Who is this for?

Painful, heavy or irregular periods are running the show.


Your'e tired of PMS causing problems in your relationships or PMD putting you out of commission.


You've been diagnosed with PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis or other menstrual disorders.


Your blood is sugar creeping up and you're worried about Type II Diabetes.


It's taking longer to get pregnant than you’ve expected or you’ve even had to go through losses.


Or you’re ready to get off the pill and tired of it’s side effects.


Old trauma is stopping you from moving forward in your life or showing up as physical illness or symptoms.


Your anxiety, depression and lack of focus are getting the better of you and affecting your work or relationships.

Your stressed out? Burned out? Getting short with your friends or partner?


Or have big life transitions impacted you more than you’d like to admit and you're just not performing your best.

If you've experienced one or many of these things,
It's not your fault.
And it doesn't have to be this way.


Waking up energized ready to take on the day, regardless of where you're at in your cycle. 


Feeling in control of your physical and mental health without unexpected down days.

Ditching the meds and their side effects once and for all.

Not worrying about scheduling your life around your period because it's painless, regular, and no big deal. 

Moving through major life transitions with ease.


Excelling in your career, family life, and hobbies because you have the energy, focus and ability to do all the things you love. 

Enjoying being in your body and feeling comfortable with who you are.

Aging gracefully and maintaining your wellbeing at every stage of your life. 

Clear skin and radiating with that healthy glow from within and without. 

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