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You're tired of quick fixes like books, apps and fertility diet plans that promise the moon, but deliver little.

You're frustrated by mixed messages from “experts” who leave you with more questions than answers.

You're worn out, caught between the life you’ve dreamed of and the uncertainty you’re now navigating.

You're ready for transformation - a real lasting change that includes a baby in your arms.

You know that true health doesn’t come in a pill or medical procedure.

Sunset in the Forest

Step off the hamster wheel...

And into the Simply Fertile System
Where Every Part of You is Nourished

I'm Sugandhi, and It's My Good Fortune To Guide You Towards the Motherhood You Deserve 

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BA Women's Studies from University of Colorado, Boulder
Diploma of Acupuncture from Pacific Rim College, Victoria, BC
Board Certified Registered Acupuncturist in BC, Canada

Why Simply Fertile System?

We believe that fertility isn't just about your reproductive system; it's about your entire well-being. Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual. 

The greatest joy in my life is helping women like you realize your dream of becoming a mother. I know that when the baby isn’t coming, it can be a woman's greatest struggle. It can leave you feeling isolated, disempowered and like you’ve lost control of your body and your future. 


My approach is different - I aim to deepen your connection to yourself, your body and the untapped fertility within you. Fertility is your natural state. 


At the core of every health issue is disconnection—be it from nature, from ourselves, or from each other. Signs, symptoms and struggles are actually clues telling you what is out of balance. You just need the right guide and key to learn how to unlock those clues and address the root issues they are pointing towards. 


I have been studying yoga, meditation, qi gong, herbal medicine and holistic nutrition formally and informally since my teens. When I was 18, I began practicing a traditional lineage of qi gong under a master who was also a 23rd generation physician of Chinese Medicine. 


This opened my eyes to the beauty and potency of Chinese Medicine and its Daoist roots that seek to keep the internal systems of the body harmonized with each other, the individual harmonized with their community and environment, and humans harmonized with Nature. Only through harmony can we shine in health.


Chinese Medicine offers us a comprehensive and time-tested key by which to interpret and make sense of the signs. Which is why I’ve devoted my life to understanding its depths and offering that back to my clients. 


Using Chinese Medicine and Holistic Nutrition, I’ve helped hundreds of women balance their hormones, reduce their pain, reduce their medications, improve their periods, improve their mood, improve their digestion and - most gratifyingly - bring new life into this world as mothers. 


I recently closed the doors to my in-person Vancouver-Island-based practice so I could devote more time to serving a broader audience of women in a bigger way. In addition to my online work with women, I maintain a clinical practice with the charity, Embracing the World, in Kerala South India where I am currently based and live with my Spiritual teacher and inspiration, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (aka Amma the Hugging Saint). 


I believe in miracles. But I believe miracles happen when we put in the right effort and find the right support to help us get to the results we can’t get ourselves. 


I can't wait to help you achieve and sustain a healthy pregnancy.

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