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Happy Friends

You Deserve to Feel Radiant, Energized & Fullfilled

And I'm here to help you get there!
Offering comprehensive Nutritional and Lifestyle Consultations and Coaching with REAL natural health solutions for your hormones, fertility, mental-emotional health, gut and more!
Without pills or invasive procedures, overhauling your entire diet and lifestyle, or living in restriction of the things you love.

We Get to the Root of Your Health Issues

Common Conditions I Work With:

  • Menstrual & Hormonal Imbalances

    • PMS, PMD, painful periods, irregular periods, Endometriosis 

    • Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts

    • PCOS

    • Acne and Skin Issues

  • Getting off of Hormonal Birth Control and reducing your pill dependance

  • Natural Family Planning using the Fertility Awareness Method

  • Difficulty Conceiving or Holding and Pregnancy 

  • Weight loss Detoxification, Balanced Fasting & Cleansing 

  • Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health:

    • Anxiety & depression

    • Lack of focus

    • ADD & ADHD

    • Trauma recovery

    • Low Energy, Fatigue and Brain Fog

  • Long-Covid

  • Chronic Inflammatory Conditions 

  • Stress & Burnout 

  • Life Transitions

  • Optimal Living

    • Aging Gracefully 

    • Getting in the flow with your higher purpose

    • Athletic Performance​

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Nourishing Life

Eating Healthy Salad

Nutritional Counseling uses food as medicine, western and Chinese herbal medicine and targeted supplementation to help you regulate and heal. 

Lifestyle Evaluation looks at the all the factors that are affecting your health including sleep, movement, relationships, sources of stress, environmental factors and more. A truly holistic approach.

Health Coaching & Support because we don't rise to the level of our goals, but fall to the level of our systems (James Clear). We make sure you’re crystal clear on your health goals and have a solid, realistic road map to get there.


Regulation tools and methods to support nervous system regulation, hormonal balance and balance your body's organ-energy systems. 

Cycle Syncing gets your hormones working for you, rather than against you. Your body needs different things at different times of your menstrual cycle because of how much natural, normal hormonal fluctuations change your metabolism, brain, energy output and more.

Yang Sheng: The Art of Nourishing Life

Chinese medicine is not just about treating disease once it has manifested. It’s about cultivating life and living well. Inhibiting disease before it even takes root. We nourish that which creates life so you can not only live free of disease, but live radiantly. This is yang sheng.


Maybe for you that means excelling in your career, or traveling. Or being the best mom you can be. Or pursuing your creative endeavours. Or reaching peak athletic performance. Whatever your ‘thing’ is, yang sheng can help you do it better. We not only aim to balance your physical and mental health, but to nourish your entire being. 


Ancient wisdom on how to live in tune with nature and support your health and well-being is not complicated. Often, it's very simple and practical. And you don’t need to go live on a homestead in the forest or quit your job and go on some self-discovery retreat to tap into it. 


You can access this wisdom and approach to have better health, age more gracefully, gain more peace of mind, focus and clarity on where to put your energy. Develop a more intuitive connection with your body and support your health by aligning with the rhythms and cycles in Nature. 

Healthy Food
Sugandhi is a true healer. She has helped me immensely - I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. Sugandhi helped clear my acne and balance my skin, she helped regulate my periods and helped me get pregnant. Sugandhi is helping my body reach optimal health, and most importantly she is helping me to understand, respect and love my body and myself. Not only is she talented but she is such a warm, kind, thoughtful, lovely, knowledgeable and professional individual. I highly recommend seeing her if you are looking to improve your health and wellness in any way!


-Vanessa, Nanaimo, BC

Initial Consultation: 60 mins $108

For first-time patients. We take a deep dive into your health history, current eating habits and lifestyle to identify root causes that are causing imbalance and disease; identify your health goals; and put together an individualized Yang Sheng Protocol to support healing. This may include a nutritional plan, herbal medicine, and lifestyle recommendations.

Follow-up Consultation: 45 mins $80

In this session, we check in on your progress, review your plan, and update your recommendations as your health changes and improves. 

If there is time, we may do guided breath-work or somatic meditation to balance your organ-energy systems.

​Health Coaching Accelerator Session: 30 mins $54

For regular patients on a Yang Sheng Plan that just need a quick check-in and accountability to keep working towards their health goals. This consult is about maintaining and upgrading your systems that support your health. If you are experiencing new symptoms or have not seen me in more than 6 weeks, book a Follow-Up consultation.

3-month Health Coaching Package: $679

*Save money & Get more support!

Get ready for transformation! Healing takes time and commitment, especially for deep-seated issues. Commit to your well-being and save 10% plus get the bonus of on-going support and check-ins. This package helps you stay on track and reach your health goals. 

  • Month 1: 60min Initial Consultation + 3 30-min Accelerator Sessions

  • Month 2 & 3: 45-min Follow-up Consultation + 3 30-min accelerator sessions

  • Regular support and check-ins via voice message text (via Whatsapp)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Enjoying Lunch

How are appointments conducted?

All appointments are conducted online over Zoom. You will get a link in your confirmation email. If your prefer another form of vidoe conferecing, please email me after your appointment is booked 

How many sessions are needed?

Each individual's need will vary. The longer you have been unwell and the more severe the symptoms, the longer it can take to unwind the pattern of disharmony. If you have recent health issues that have crept up in the last year 3-6 mos is usually sufficient.  Your initial consult will include a timeline estimate and plan. 

Do you offer a payment plan for the coaching package?

Not at this time. The idea with the package is that you commit to your health by putting skin the game. If you wish to pay monthly or as you go, regular session fees apply. 

What is involved with organ-energy balancing?

I pull from my background in yoga, meditation, qi gong and understanding of the body thru the lens of Chinese Medicine Physiology to craft personalized meditation visualizations for each patient. These are designed to regulate and balance your organ-energy systems as well as your nervous and endocrine systems. I will guide you through this during our session and provide you tools for self-care between sessions or for your ongoing health.  

Will I have to buy herbs or supplements?

Most patients receive some kind of herb or supplement reccomendation. These can be ordered with a discount through my online dispensary with Fullscript, or you can shop around yourself. I only provide the highest, thereputic quality herbs and supplements that are free from fillers and adulturants. 

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