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Acupuncture for all ages and stages. Initial consults are 90mins and offer an opportunity to get to know you and understand understand your health concerns. 

Follow-up appintments are 60mins. All sessions involve acupuncture + cupping, soft tissue work, Gua-sha and TCM nutrition depending on your needs and what is indicated. Discounts availiable for students and seniors!

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Look & feel younger - Naturally! The protocol aims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lifts sagging areas and brighten the complexion. Tiny, fine, precision needles cause micro-damage to target areas. This promotes a healing response, which increases collagen production and brings more blood flow (and with it oxygen and nutrients!) to the face. By bringing the bodies attention to an aging area, we rouse the bodies own ability to restore and regenerate itself. It's inner anti-aging. Initial consult required. 55mins. A package of 5 consecutive treatments is reccomended for best results. 

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Shining Light Special

A synergistic combo of Acupuncture + Tui-na bodywork. A longer appointment provides more time to relax and unwind. Cupping or Gua-sha can be included when indicated for your wellbeing. Perfect for those wanting more time to relax and unwind. This appointment is also ideal for those working on releasing deeper emotional blockages. 90 mins. 

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Cupping Only

Cupping involves the use of glass cups that are suctioned onto the body to promote blood flow, detoxify, and release muscle tension and pain. It's most often utilized for back, neck, shoulder and hip pain, as well as common cold,  influenza, and respiratory disorders. Appointment light Tui-na bodywork. A quick way to relax and reset without needles! 45mins

Nourishing Life Consultation - Virtual 

Practical Nutrition and Lifestyle consultations based on the wisdom of Chinese Medicine with a modern lens.  

One-on-one virtual consults that encourage the cultivation of health and vitality. Primarily focusing on nutritional support, grounded in the traditional principles of Chinese Medicine with a modern understanding. This is a holistic approach that examines the main areas of your life to help you live fully and feel great. 

In the initial consultation, we get a sense of where you are at, what’s important to you and what your health goals are and what areas of your wellbeing you’d like to improve.


A personalized plan includes:

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Support around sleep

  • Exercise and movement recommendations 

  • Overall lifestyle recommendations

  • Guided Qi Gong designed specifically with your health in mind

Follow-up appointments adapt the recommendations to your changing health needs and  help you stay on track with your health goals. 

We will also look into ways to help you tap into the support of Nature but tuning your lifestyle to the cyclical and seasonal rhythms of nature. 

This is not about strict doctrines or overhauling your lifestyle overnight,  but supporting and empowering you to live well. For anyone that wants to achieve more balance, age gracefully and live with more vitality. We can work together to help heal or manage specific acute or chronic conditions.

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